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Student Induction Coil, Concrete Compression Tester, Hair Aesthesiometer, Ductility Testing Apparatus, Loss on Heating/ Thin Film Oven, Out-flow (float) Recorder, Jackson Enterograph, Manometers, Soil Lathe (Motorised) Bench Mounting, Rotary Senior Microtome (Spencer 820 Type), Digital Potentiometers, Manual Compaction, Animal Holders (small Animals), Cadaverous Inject, Animal Holders : (dogs, Field Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Bio-chemistry Analyzer, Direct Shear (Motorised Twelve Speed), Pin On Disk Friction Tester, Kymographs, Simple Electrode, Cold Room, Sliding Microtome (Jung Type), Digital Spectrophotometer 960nm, Colony Counter, Maddox Rods, Tool Kit, Uniaxial Testing Apparatus, Water Bath (6 Holes), Water Manometer, Flash Point Pensky Matrens (Closed), Water Soil Analyses, Maximum & Minimum Thermometers, Electric Actuators, Flame Test Apparatus, AD-DC Power supply 0-25V, Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet, Direct Shear Tester, Fiber Optic Video Link, Oncometer Heart, Bone And Meat Cutting Machine, Standard Penetrometer, Digital Potentiometer, Dial Gauge, Colony Counter Digital, Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang Model), Pipette & Burettes, Microprocessor Hemoglobin Meter, Soil Cone Penetrometer, Electronic Total Station,