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Microtomy Accessories (At extra cost), Blood Bag Sealer, Particle Size Sedimentation By Hydrometer Method, Redwood Viscometer, Inchleys Drop Recorder, Simple Key, Stands, Plummet Balance, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Fixit Lever, Automatic Razor Sharpner (Arthur Thomas Type), Semi-Automatic Penetrometer, READING TELESCOPE, Pipette & Burettes, test, Gunn Power Supply, Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter, Four Unit Organ Bath, Animal Holders : (dogs, Analyzer Kit, Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless), pH/ Conductivity/ TDS/ Salt/ Temp. Waterproof Tester, Starling Crank Myograph, Abel Flash Point Apparatus, Electronic Total Station, Isotonic Lever, Mortuary Chambers, Electrical Sieve Shaker, Universal Extruder Frame Hydraulic, Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer, Piston Recorder, Electronic theodolite, Klystron Power Supply, Funnels & Flasks, Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder, Double Beam), Digital Nephlometer, Paraffin Embedding Bath, Los Angeles Machine, BENKELMAN Beam, Hair Aesthesiometer, Density Bottle (GAY-LUSSAC Type), Heating Mantle, Linear Shrinkage Mould, Time Marker, Water Testing Kit, Digital Conductivity, Digital Colony Counter, Brushes, Sand Pouring Cylinder,