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Glass Beakers (Borosilicate), Broide Starling Kymograph, Heart Clips, Particle Density by Gas Jar Method (End-Over-End Shaker), Manometers, Ring & Ball Apparatus, Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer, Digital Spectro-Photometer, Particle Size Sedimentation By Hydrometer Method, Tool Kit, Conductivty & Temprature Meter, Condons Rat B.p. Manometer, Electronic theodolite, Triple Beam Balance with Vernier, Straight Edge (3 Meters), Simple Electrode, Graduated Measuring Jars, Rat Operating Table, Colony Counter Digital, Pocket Penetrometer, Automatic Level, Blood Cell Counter, Digital TDS Meter, Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer, Oncometer Kidney, Field Conductivity Meter, Animal Holders (small Animals), Animal Holders : (dogs, Plastic Limit Test, Universal-Automatic Compactor, Hook & Weight, Tripod Stand, After-load lever, Scoops & Shovels, Myograph Lever, Laboratory Oven, Variable Interrupter, Drying Stand Circular, Water in Bituminous Material (DEAN-STARK), Digital Flame Photometer Microprocessor, Digital Potentiometers, Laboratory Thermometers, Rapid Moisture Meter 0-25%, Frog Muscle Chamber, Microprocessor Uv Spectro Photometer, Digital Flame Photometer, Portable Stand, Microtomy Accessories (At extra cost), Heavy Duty Balance, Enamel Trays,