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Blood Monitor, Field Conductivity Meter, Microprocessor Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Cloud & Pour Point, Abel Flash Point Apparatus, Kymographs, Tds Meters, Evaporation Dishes, Direct Shear (Motorised Twelve Speed), Pavement Core Drilling Machine, Water Soil Analyses, Blood Cell Counter, READING TELESCOPE, Mixer with Heating Jacket, Muscle Twitch Assembly, Mortuary Chambers, Small Animal Operating Table, Infrared Moisture Meter, Ring & Ball Apparatus, Liquid Limit Device, Student Tambour, Straight Edge (3 Meters), Water Manometer, Scoops, Semi-Automatic Compactor, Vacuum Pump, AD-DC Power supply 0-25V, Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter, Rapid Moisture Meter 0-50%, Microprocessor Turbidity Meter, Universal Permeability, Spirometer, Flexibility, Digital Automatic Melting Point Appratus, Binder Extractor (Hand Operated), Frontal Writing Points, Piston Recorder, Standard X-block, Straw Holder, Digital Potentiometers, Blood Bank Freezers, Proctor Needles (Spring Type), Condons Rat B.p. Manometer, Conductivity/ TDS/ Salt/ Temp. Waterproof Tester, Microwave RF Power Meter, Jaquet Chronometer, Maddox Rods, Ph Meter, Digital Double Door Drying Oven, Klystron Power Supply,