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Pycnometers, Simple Lever, Student Induction Coil, Out-flow (float) Recorder, Scoops, TDS, Frog Muscle Chamber, Standard Mercury Manometer, Field Microprocessor ph / Temp / MV Meter, Cats), Micro Controller pH Meter (3 Point Calibration), Muscle Grip, Digital Viscometer, Microwave Test Bench, Digital Spectro Photometer, Glass Beakers (Borosilicate), Rubber Tubing, Sampling Trays, Microprocessor UV-VIS, Fume Hood Cabinet, Spatulas, Maximum & Minimum Thermometers, Simple Electrode, Digital Double Door Drying Oven, Beakers & Bowls, Dumpy Levels (Indian), Oncometer Heart, Meat Cutting Machine / Cautry Machine, Electronic theodolite, Los Angeles Machine, Operating Table (improved), Boss Heads, Spectrophotometer (uv, Digital Constant Water Bath, Bossheads & Clamps, Scratch Hardness, Conductivity Meters, Saybolt Viscometer, Digital Nephlometer, Cadaverous Inject, Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang Model), Large Tambour, Tissue Flotation Bath, Analyzer Kit, Proctor Needles (Spring Type), Frontal Writing Points, Vacuum Pump, Relative Density Test, Plastic Wash Bottles, Direct Shear (Electronic 12 Speed Motorised),