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Compaction Pedestal, Open Sided X-block, Field Turbidity Meter, Animal Cages, Muscle Twitch Assembly, Marsh Cone, deal Resperation Pump : (v.r.v.s.), Digital Auto Colorimeter, Digital D.O. Meter, Standard TAR Viscometer, Vacuum Pump, Pavement Core Drilling Machine, Digital Constant Water Bath, Trowels, SPHEROMETER (LSE), Density Bottle (GAY-LUSSAC Type), Shrinkage Limit Set, Pressure Resistance, Digital Direct/ Residual/ Shear Apparatus, Soil Cone Penetrometer, Flame Photo Meter, Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer (Single Beam), Organ Baths, Fume Hood Cabinet, Glass Beakers (Borosilicate), Heart Clips, Armoured Thermometers, Beakers & Bowls, Microwave RF Power Meter, Saybolt Viscometer, Water Manometer, GEOMETRICAL MODELS WOODEN (LSE), Standard X-block, Heavy Compaction Test, VSWR Meter, Tool Kit, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Microprocessor Turbidity Meter, Digital Viscometer, Vernier Theodolite, Microprocessor Uv-vis Spectrophotometer (double Beam), Field Digital pH Meter, Digital Auto Colorimeter Analyzer, Boss Heads, Microprocessor Flame Photometer, READING TELESCOPE, Ideal Respiration Pump : (v.r.v.s.), Soil Hydrometer, Hair Aesthesiometer,