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Straw Holder, Sand Density Cone Apparatus, Water Bath (6 Holes), Room Thermometer, Frog Muscle Chamber, Blood Bag Sealer, Frog Heart Chamber, Blood Monitor, BENKELMAN Beam, Microprocessor Karl Fischer Titri Meter, Frog Board, Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet, Condons Rat B.p. Manometer, Microprocessor Hemoglobin Meter, Meat Cutting Machine / Cautry Machine, Paraffin Dispenser (Embedding Bath-Single), Straight Edge (3 Meters), Water Testing Kit, Four Unit Organ Bath, Digital Temperature Indicator, Extractor Frame Universal (Screw Type), Sliding Microtome (Jung Type), Microprocessor Ph -temp.- Mv Meter, Seed Germinator, Standard X-block, Double Beam), Microprocessor Conductivity- Tds Meter, Microprocessor Uv-vis Spectrophotometer (double Beam), Funnels & Flasks, Portable Stand, Colour Standard Chart, Time Marker, Soil Hydrometer, Perfusion Assembly / Lagendroff Assembly, Flame Photo Meter, General Glass Thermometers, Cats), Microprocessor Conductivity Meter, Direct Shear (Electronic 12 Speed Motorised), Hair Aesthesiometer, Digital Auto Colorimeter, Laboratory Trolley, Flow Cup, Digital Nephlometer, Weight, Stripping Value Apparatus, Heating Mantle, Permeability Apparatus (Falling Head Permeability), Ph Meter, Salt Mist Chamber,