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Seed Germinator, Hot Plate, Digital Conductivity Meter, Automatic Razor Sharpners (Spencer Type), Consolidation Apparatus (Single Gang), Glass Beakers (Borosilicate), Gunn Oscillator, Triple Beam Balance, Digital pH Conductivity & Temp. Meter, Gunn Power Supply, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Density Bottle (GAY-LUSSAC Type), Salt Mist Chamber, Sampling Trays, Heating Mantle, Rapid Moisture Meter 0-25%, Microprocessor Uv Spectro Photometer, Digital Potentiometer, Student Tambour, Large Tambour, Bossheads & Clamps, Assembly For Mammalian Classes, Conductivity Meters, Straight Edge (3 Meters), Tripod Stand, General Glass Thermometers, Tissue Culture Station Single Unit, Microprocessor Conductivity- Tds Meter, Water Manometer, Fundamentals of Hydraulics, Standard Compaction Test, Specimen Jar, Digital pH Meter, Rotary Microtome (Erma Type), Digital Spectrophotometer 960nm, Image Processing Solutions, Cryostat Microtome, Liquid Limit Device (with Counter), Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, VSWR Meter, Long Paper Smoker & Varnisher, Sand Equivalent Test Set, Vicat Method, Auto KARL FISCHER Titrimeter, Plastic Wash Bottles, Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang Model), Universal Permeability, Fume Hood Cabinet, Vacuum Pump, Scoops,