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Heart Lever Starling, Seed Germinator, Large Tambour, Tissue Flotation Bath, Consolidation Apparatus (Front Loading Type), Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter, Sand Equivalent Test Set, Fume Hood Cabinet, Salt Mist Chamber, Muscle Twitch Assembly, Permeability Apparatus (Falling Head Permeability), Gloves, Klystron Tube, Gunn Oscillator, MIC Trainer, Adjustable Stand, Universal Water Bath (Serological Type), After-load lever, Electrical Sieve Shaker, Tripod Stand, Soil Lathe (Motorised) Bench Mounting, Density Bottle (GAY-LUSSAC Type), Skid Resistance Tester, Vicat Method, Student Induction Coil, Automatic Razor Sharpners (Spencer Type), Fixit Lever, Cloud & Pour Point, Microwave RF Power Meter, Tool Kit, Microprocessor Hemoglobin Meter, Water in Bituminous Material (DEAN-STARK), Mortuary Chambers, Redwood Viscometer, Gunn Diode, Plain Stand, Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless), Digital Spectrophotometer 960nm, Digital pH Meter, Hair Aesthesiometer, Relative Density Test, TDS, Animal Cages, Semi-Automatic Compactor, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Starling Crank Myograph, Concrete Drum Mixer, Scratch Hardness, Particle Size Sedimentation By Hydrometer Method, Plastic Wash Bottles,