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Electronic theodolite, Conductivty & Temprature Meter, Stripping Value Apparatus, Frontal Writing Points, Animal Holders : (dogs, Vicat Method, VSWR Meter, Flame Photo Meter, Weight, Jackson Enterograph, Fiber Optic Communication Links, Smoking & Varnishing Outfits, Manometers, Pavement Core Drilling Machine, Muscle Twitch Assembly, Cryostat Microtome, Rolling Thin Film Oven, Fiber Optic Power Source & Meters, Abel Flash Point Apparatus, Power Table, Field Digital pH Meter, Field Turbidity Meter, Digital Flame Photometer, Plastic Wash Bottles, Student Induction Coil, Gunn Oscillator, Bone And Meat Cutting Machine, Digital Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Fume Hood Cabinet, Muffle Furnance, Core Cutter, Pycnometers, Digital pH, Gunn Power Supply, Oncometer Kidney, Field Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Frog Muscle Chamber, Double Beam), Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Simple Lever, Sand Density Cone Apparatus, MIC Trainer, Vacuum Pump, Digital TDS Meter, Assembly For Mammalian Classes, Kymographs, Student Electric Kymographs, Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet, Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method),