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Laboratory Thermometers, Analyzer Kit, Simple Electrode, Loss on Heating/ Thin Film Oven, Drying Stand Circular, Digital pH, Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Concrete Compression Tester, Field Tds Meter, Pressure Resistance, Calorimeters, Relative Density Test, Soil Testing Kit, Vernier Theodolite, Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus (Spring Type Autographic), Direct Shear (Electronic 12 Speed Motorised), Triple Beam Balance, Digital Potentiometer, Piston Recorder, Weight, Digital Auto Colorimeter Analyzer, Liquid Limit Device (Motorised), Direct Shear (Motorised Twelve Speed), Gunn Diode, Automatic Level, Double Beam), Animal Head Holders (universal, Spatulas, Standard X-block, Water Testing Kit, Scoops & Shovels, Fiber Optic Video Link, Student Electric Kymographs, Semi-Automatic Penetrometer, Respiration Pumps, Microprocessor Turbidity Meter, Standard Mercury Manometer, Long Paper Extension, Triple Beam Balance with Vernier, Maddox Rods, Vicat Method, Digital pH Conductivity & Temp. Meter, Uniaxial Testing Apparatus, Starling Crank Myograph, Bone And Meat Cutting Machine, Klystron Tube, Digital Flame Photometer Microprocessor, BENKELMAN Beam, Digital Spectrophotometer 960nm, Microprocessor Ph Meter,