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Animal Operation Tables/ Holders, Digital Turbidity Meter, Tissue Flotation Bath, Flash Point Pensky Matrens (Closed), Rat Operating Table, Klystron Power Supply, Mechanical Strhomour, Pin On Disk Friction Tester, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Water Bath (6 Holes), Semi-Automatic Compactor, Humidity Chamber, Digital D.O. Meter, Autopsy Tables, Oncometer Heart, Digital TDS Meter, Consolidation Apparatus (Floating Ring Type), Slide Storage Cabinet (Flat Position), Manometers, Specimen Jar, Soil Lathe (Motorised) Bench Mounting, Perfusion Assembly / Lagendroff Assembly, Fundamentals of Hydraulics, Four Unit Organ Bath, Liquid Limit Device (with Counter), Standard Compaction Test, Heart Lever Starling, Concrete Core Drill, Du-bois Reymond Induction Coil, Polystyrene Shear, Pressure Resistance, Water Testing Kit, Respiration Pumps, Analyzer Kit, Vicat Method, Dial Gauge, Dial Thermometers, Direct Shear (Motorised Twelve Speed), Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless), Sampling Trays, Spirometer, Isolated Organ Baths, Muscle Twitch Assembly, Standard TAR Viscometer, Glass Beakers (Borosilicate), Constant Volume Mould, Universal Extruder Frame Hydraulic, Consolidation Apparatus (Single Gang), Water Soil Analyses, Hair Aesthesiometer,