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Microtomy Accessories (At extra cost), Evaporation Dishes, Plastic Wash Bottles, Microprocessor Flame Photometer, Tripod Stand, Abel Flash Point Apparatus, Digital pH Meter, Field Turbidity Meter, Manual Compaction, Paraffin Embedding Bath, Wire Saw/ Open Saw, Compaction Pedestal, Flow Cup, Cold Room, Standard TAR Viscometer, AD-DC Power supply 0-25V, Fixit Lever, Bio-chemistry Analyzer, Armoured Thermometers, Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Conductivty & Temprature Meter, Time Recording Devices (levers/tambours/time Markers), Universal Permeability, After-load lever, Motorised Sand Equivalent Shaker Set, Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Brodie Operating Table, Fiber Optic Video Link, Mixer with Heating Jacket, Calorimeters, Simple Electrode, Animal Cages, Digital pH Conductivity & Temp. Meter, Cryostat Microtome, Earth Resistivity Meter, Flexibility, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Brodie Universal Lever, Digital Flame Photometer Microprocessor, Consolidation Apparatus (Front Loading Type), Funnels & Flasks, Maddox Rods, Analyzer Kit, Universal Extruder Frame Hydraulic, Colour Standard Chart, Pipette & Burettes, Enamel Trays, Shrinkage Limit Set, Binder Extractor (Hand Operated), Hardness Tester for Mastic Asphalt,