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Digital Spectro-Photometer, Bossheads & Clamps, Triple Beam Balance, Spirometer, Moisture Tins, Time Marker, Cloud & Pour Point, Humidity Chamber, Digital Nephlometer, Plain Stand, Blood Bag Sealer, Standard Penetrometer, Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Slide Storage Cabinet, Water in Bituminous Material (DEAN-STARK), Water Manometer, Sand Equivalent Test Set, Flame Test Apparatus, Rapid Moisture Meter 0-50%, Animal Holders : (dogs, Syringe Needle Destroyer, Laboratory Trolley, Paraffin Dispenser (Embedding Bath-Single), Compaction Pedestal, Rapid Moisture Meter 0-25%, Colony Counter Digital, Fundamentals of Hydraulics, Cryostat Microtome, Triaxial Testing Apparatus, Flexibility, Liquid Limit Device, Smoking & Varnishing Outfits, Digital pH Meters, Digital Direct/ Residual/ Shear Apparatus, Digital Temperature Indicator, Digital Spectrophotometer MODEL 301, Student Electric Kymographs, GEOMETRICAL MODELS WOODEN (LSE), Mixer with Heating Jacket, Hair Aesthesiometer, Reflux Extractor 4000 GMS, Digital Potentiometers, Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless), Small Animal Operating Table, Laboratory Incubator, Digital Salinity Meter, Boss Heads, Funnels & Flasks, Microwave RF Power Meter, Digital Photo Colorimieter,