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Conductivity Meters, Funnels & Flasks, Hot Plate, Spectrophotometer (uv, Fixit Lever, Consolidation Apparatus (Electronic Bench Model), Permeability Apparatus (Falling Head Permeability), Boss Heads, Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer, Direct Shear (Motorised Twelve Speed), Muffle Furnance, Automatic Razor Sharpners (Spencer Type), Consolidation Apparatus (Single Gang), Digital pH Meters, Digital Conductivity- TDS- Salinity Meter, Rubber Tubing, Student Nerve-muscle Assembly, Cement Bending And Tensile Tester, Inchleys Drop Recorder, Soil Testing Kit, Gimble Lever, Freezing Microtome, Enamel Trays, Frontal Writing Points, Fundamentals of Hydraulics, Piston Recorder, Digital Nephlometer, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer, Portable Stand, Grip Rods, Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder, Frog Muscle Chamber, Analyzer Kit, Salinity Meters, Tissue Culture Station Single Unit, Specimen Jar, Wood Microtome, Digital Double Door Drying Oven, Kymographs, Universal Water Bath (Serological Type), Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Turbidity Meter, Uniaxial Testing Apparatus, Jackson Enterograph, TDS, Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet, Water in Bituminous Material (DEAN-STARK), pH/ Conductivity/ TDS/ Salt/ Temp. Waterproof Tester, Dumpy Levels (Indian),